Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wax Paper Batik

Wax Paper Batik

This is a technique from the book, Paper Transformed, and the project was done by Melissa, a friend and regular customer at Wingdoodle. Melissa's son was graduating from college and Melissa wanted to do something special for him. She decided to make this tag book scrapbook using the wax paper batik technique she learned from Paper Transformed. When she brought it in to show me I asked her if I could put it on our blog as a project. So here it is.

The delicate fractured lines that occur on batik-dyed fabric are replicated with this technique. It works on most papers (matte or glossy) and vellum.

scrap paper
dye-based inks (Distress inks work great)
wax paper
paper towel
felt pressing cloth
iron pattern

1. Take the wax paper and crumple it repeatedly until the desired texture is achieved.
2. Lay the felt on a table or ironing board, and then place the scrap paper on the felt. Lay the crumpled wax paper on the scrap paper and place the paper for printing on top of the wax paper.
3. Iron with a hot iron.
4. After the paper cools, apply the ink to reveal the pattern and wipe off any excess ink.
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