Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fiber Paste- How to make a Skin Part 1 of Black and Gold Heart Project

I was going through a book Surface Treatment Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy & Sandra Duran Wilson and came across a chapter on Fiber Paste.  Well, it just so happens I have some Fiber Paste from Golden that I had gotten years ago and never used.  So better late then never, I read the chapter and decided it didn't look or sound to hard.  It is really cool stuff that looks like paper when it dries.  You can paint, stamp, mold, rust, cut, rip and stencil on it once it is dried.  The only draw back is you have to wait for it to completely dry which I find very hard to do. The direction below are for making what is called a skin.  You can use it directly on a canvas, watercolor paper or panel but this project is for a skin. 

Palette knife
Fiber paste ( I used Golden)
Parchment paper or Plastic Wrap
Acyclic paint ( I used Adirondack acrylic paint dabber Gold)  I absolutely love the dabbers they are so easy to use.)  You can use what ever color you want.
Art Glitter (Gale Glitz Gold) optional

Step 1:  Using the  palette knife, spread the fiber paste onto your surface of choice, whether plastic wrap or parchment paper for a skin.  While the paste is still wet, add texture if desired.  Let the fiber paste dry completely before painting because it will be mushy till dry.

Step 2:  You can lift it from the plastic wrap or parchment.when dry and you have a fibrous, flexible looking paper.  If  you are going to print onto it a digital ground needs to be used to ensure a crisper image. 

Step 3:  Paint

 Step 4:  Add art glitter. (Optional)

Step 5:  Allow paint to dry completely.

I stamped on the smooth side of the fiber paste after it dried with Archival Ink Jet Black.  Then I cut out the shape I wanted and using a paint brush I painted Diamond Glaze over it.  Liitle trick I learned to help get rid of  bubbles in the Diamond Glaze give it a small spritz with alcohol, if all of them don't disappear give it another quick spritz.  Set aside this piece of the project. 

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