Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tea forte Christmas Tree Ornament

Tea forte ornament
Warming Joy

This blog is actually about two things Tea forte and making an ornament with the little triangle box that the tea comes packaged in.  

My daughter Kayla and I discovered this tea one evening when my husband took us out to dinner at the Common Man in Concord, NH.  Both of us are tea drinkers and very picky about what teas we drink.  Tea forte is an excellent tea and I highly recommend it.  I put in the link under the picture so you you go to their website.  So far there isn't one that I have tried I didn't really like.  I think the Belgian Mint is one of my favorites so far.  Now onto the ornament which you can make while drinking the tea.

Tea forte box
scrapbook paper embellishments
glue gun
Xyron or glue of chose

This is such a simple project and what you can do is only limited by your imagination.  I used Tim Holtz's flourish from the Festive Greenery and the mini bird die cuts for some of my embellishments.  I dyed the flourish with Aqua Alcohol Ink using a handle and felt.  

1. Drink tea
2. Pick scrapbook paper you wish to cover box with
3. Run box printed side down in Xyron or use whatever glue works best for you
4. Trim paper to box
5. Double ribbon and tie knot in bottom and adhere to top inside of box
6. Fold box
7. Decorate
8. Hang on tree

A couple of ideas -  put unused tea bag back in box and give as a small gift or put a piece of candy inside.  


  1. I love this tea and I love how you transformed the containers into ornaments!

  2. Put yours up on the blog. Thanks Sandy