Friday, November 11, 2011

Coloring Your Own Ribbon and Trim

Ribbon, Ribbon Everywhere!

This is what my ribbon stash looks like, one big mess and a lot of it.  This is not a blog about organizing ribbon because organization is not one of my strong suits.  This is about a technique to color your ribbon to match your project therefore ending your need to buy random ribbon just in case,

You will need:
Distress Reinkers (I used Broken China)t
Perfect Pearls (I used Cappuccino)
Craft Sheet
 White, ivory or cream colored ribbon or flowers

Because I used the Broken China and the Cappuccino my ribbon is blue with a hint of  brown shimmer.

1 - Decide what colors you want to use.
2 - Take a small scoop of Perfect Pearl and put it into the Mini Mister.
3 - Add a FULL dropper full of Distress Reinker.
4 - Add water but not to the top (you will have to have room to be able to shake the mixture) Shake.
5 - Make sure you have your craft sheet under whatever you are spraying.  Spray your ribbon or whatever you are coloring.
6 - Let dry naturally.  I don't recommend using a heat gun, you might start a fire or melt your ribbon.
7 - Use in project.

The color combinations are endless.  Have fun.


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