Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whimsical Spring

I haven't really posted anything since the beginning of January.  I was recovering from the holidays. I have also undertaken a task of love for my niece.  She asked me to make seating tags for her wedding and also the table numbers.  So I have been busy with that project which I will post pictures of when I have a tag completely done.  Most of  them are partially done.  

I decided today that I needed a little creative release so decided to do a Zentangle.  It also helps to loosen up the creative juices.  It seems at times we get stuck in what I call a creativity rut.  It is very cold outside and even though winter hasn't hit us here in New Hampshire to hard yet I am thinking spring.  Traditional Zentangle is black and white  so I thought I would use the new Zentangle that was posted from Rick and Maria done my Diane LaChance (who I know from working at Wingdoodle) called Parasail - Z.  My Parasails still need a little practice but it was fun creating this whimsical take on spring.  Enjoy.

PS.  The rose bud pattern comes from


  1. Beautiful, SherRee! I love it! We ate at an Italian restaurant the other night and they had these lights hanging from the ceiling with these shades and on the shades they had designs that look like Zentangles! I wish I had my camera I would have taken a picture! They were very cool!I

  2. I want to try it with color but will make copies and then color them. Don't want to mess up the original.

  3. WOW! this is beautiful!!! I have always admired your tangles...they are so detailed and even....thanks for posting...and good for you to make yourself go outside the box...I'll remember this when I am in a rut!!!