Friday, November 11, 2011

Perfect Pearls, Metallic Mixative and Black Glossy Paper

This technique was such a hit at the Fall Foliage Festival this weekend I decided to do it as a blog project.  It is fast, easy and the end result is beautiful.

Supplies you will need:
Adirondack Alcohol Ink Mixative color of your choice - silver, gold or copper
Handle with felt
Blending Solution
Perfect Pearls color of your choice - copper, pewter or gold
Mini Misters
Black Glossy Paper
Versa Mark Embossing Ink Pad

1. Cut card to make an A-2 size card 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".
2. Cut black glossy paper to 4" x 5 1/4".
3. Attach felt to handle.
4. Drip some mixative onto your felt then add a small amount of blending solution  (where it looks like a clear liquid on the felt is the blending solution) then pounce on your glossy paper. Do not rub or swirl as that takes the black off. Just go up and down all over the glossy paper in different directions.  You can also drip blending solution directly onto glossy paper and not pounce, it will move the metallics and you will get a neat halo effect wherever the solution lands.

5. Ink up the stamp of your choice with a clear embossing ink, I used Versa Mark.

6. Stamp the image and then brush with Perfect Pearls.  A little bit of Perfect Pearls goes a long ways so just pick up a small amount on the end of your brush.  Since you are only using one color of Perfect Pearls put it on in a circular motions pressing it into the inked area. You don't have to do it hard but give is a little pressure.  Your stamped image will appear like magic.  Then lightly dust it off and using a paper towel going in a circular motion again buff it.

7. Mix a small amount of Perfect Pearl with water in a mini mister.  Do not fill to the top with water leave room so that you can shake the mixture.

8.  Holding the card in one hand the mister in the other point mister above card and let the mist gently fall onto the card.  Let dry.

9. Put card together.
Quick, easy and beautiful.  The possibilities are endless.   


  1. This one came out so good! I'm tempted to get all the supplies and make christmas postcards or something. =) Thanks for posting all these awesome techniques!

  2. Krystin tell me what you want & I will give it to you. I don't have the black gloss but I will be able to get it for you when I go with Adele to AE on Monday. They have Absolutely Everything, I love going there. O and thanks this is my first comment.

  3. I love technique. Cant wait to try this. Just ordered some black glossy cardstock. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you post your finished project on your blog so I can see it.