Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WaterColor on Baby Wipes

This is from the book Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin. Her projects are fun and easy and make you use your creativity. This ATC will be using watercolors on baby wipes.

After reading this chapter I have learned that baby wipes can be used for more then just cleaning babies. My main use for baby wipes since my babies have grown up is for cleaning stamps. Now I have discovered another use for them. They can also be used for blending colors and background media. They become "fabric" for an ATCs. When paints have been applied to the baby wipes they have a strong fabric-like feel to them. In addition to making the most of random paint and ink splotches, a variation is to fold the baby wipe in half apply ink and unfold. It can be like Rorschach inkblot test. Have fun! What do you see? You can also cut shapes from them and stitch them onto cards. 

The baby wipes I used had a reptilianlook to them when the watercolors were added so I thought I'd have fun with this ATC.

What You Will Need:

Baby wipes

Scrap paper

Palete paper(my best friend)

Liquid watercolors

Glue or gel medium


1 Squirt on Watercolor - Set a clean baby wipe on a piece of scrap paper, then set that on a piece of palette paper and randomly squirt liquid watercolor over the wipe.

2. Reserve Scrap Paper - The scrap paper that has absorbed the paint can now be used as a background for cards, too! Set both the baby wipe and the scrap paper aside to dry,

3, Adhere Baby Wipe to Card and Trim - Apply glue or gel medium to a card and then adhere the card to the wipe. Trim the excess wipe from around the card, using scissors. Note - There are all different kinds of patterns on baby wipes, you can incorporate the pattern into your art

I stamped on the baby wipe after it was dry with Ancient Page black and then adhered it to the piece of baby wipe already on the card. I stamped my frog with Ancient Page black also and then colored him with markers. I laid down some colored markers on the palette paper and used them like water colors. I also use a little black glitter glue for his eyes and Distress glitter glue on his stomache to give it a little texture.

I don't know how artist my cards are but I am having fun learning how to use different art related products and I hope you have fun too.

Sher Ree
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