Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Card

I had so much fun making these Japanese Washi Paper Quilted Christmas trees and I think they turned out great. No two cards turned out alike.I used Japanese paper, Indian paper and any kind of paper that was on hand. The more I mixed and matched the better I liked them. The directions are really easy.
You will need:
Lightweight chipboard
Washi Paper quilting foam
Lots of different papers(make sure it is strong and flexible so it can be adapted to the kime-komi technique to make the card)
Glue and tape.
Select a pattern and create a template.
Cut out chipboard and foam. Use the template to cut out the same shape from the chipboard and foam.
Mount foam and wrap paper. Adhere foam shape onto chipboard shape. Make sure the foam does not overlap the chipboard. If it does, trim. Cut your favorite paper large enough to wrap around shape. Leave at least 1/4" from the crease line to make the wrapping process more manageable.
Arrange shapes and embellish. Mount shapes onto cardstock and embellish with your favorite beads, ribbons or other trimmings..
Tip: Leave ample amount of paper to wrap shape. When working with circular or curved shapes, cut "slits" in the paper so it will overlap in the back. Also, snugly wrap the paper around shape to obtain a better quilted effect.

Have fun!
Sher Ree

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