Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adding Zentangles with a Flourish

This past weekend I did a make and take with the Hero Art Fabulous Flourish and the new Tim Holtz Distress Stains.  I left everything on the demo table and when Krystin and Jen came in Monday morning they started playing with the stains and the stamp.  Krystin took it a step further and added Zentangles to the flourish.  I liked it so much I decide to do a blog project on how it was done.  I love it when someone take something I have done and makes it better.  They go the one extra step that makes it extra special and that is what Krystin did when she added the Zentangles.

Tim Holtz Distress Stains (whatever colors you would like to make the flourish) I used peeled paint, antique linen and dusty concord.  Krystin used wild honey, broken china and dusty concord. 
Mister bottle mixed with water and perfect pearls.
Large stamp - I used the Hero Art Fabulous Flourish(large stamps with a lot of solid surface work best).
Micron pen 01
White cardstock 
Black cardstock for card cut to A2 size

 Step 1:  Starting with your lightest color daub the stamp wherever you what it to be light. Then add your next color and then the next if you have more then two. (If your stains overlap it doesn't matter you can wipe off the daubers, it won't contaminate them.) Don't over daub to much though because you will get mud.  

 Step 2:  Spritz the stamp lightly. ( I hold it above the stamp, spray straight out and let the mist fall onto the stamp.)  You can also skip this step if you want a darker image.

 Step 3:  Stamp your image onto the white cardstock.  At this point you can spritz again and get a lighter image if you want to.  Let the card dry naturally or use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.

Step 4:  After it is completely dry.  Use your 01 Micron to follow the lines of the flourish and use the different colored areas as your strings. 

Step 5:  Mount on black cardstock.

 You have a quick, easy and elegant looking card.  Have fun.

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