Sunday, June 26, 2011

Every Possibility Begins with the Courage to Image.

So my journey started very slowly.  I started by learning to stamp from my friend Kym in Florida when I went down to visit one winter 11 years ago.  Then continued by taking stamping classes from Sandy at Wingdoodle in Warner, NH.

After awhile I started teaching stamping, cardmaking and scrapbooking at Wingdoodle and Backroom Art Supplies in New London, NH.  I did that for about 7 years while I homeschooled my 2 children off and on and helped take care of my mother-in-law.  When my children decided they'd had enough of me as a teacher and started in public school in high school and my mother-in-law passed away I didn't know what to do with myself.  I had way to much time on my hands.  So I decided to look for a regular job out in the world of normal, grown up people.

The opportunity came up to work at Wingdoodle, a place where I was comfortable and knew a lot of the customers. A lot of whom had taken classes from me in the past.  All things working to the good I have been working at Wingdoodle for 3 years and going on almost 10 years of teaching there.  It is a nurturing environment for creativity.

So I was slowly muddling along learning different things pertaining mainly to stamping.  Then Sandy said SherRee would you do the blog, gulp, me "well, I don't know that much about it but I guess I'll learn."  It has been a true learning experience since walking into Wingdoodle.  Now I have my own blog.
Then my friend Shelly got very sick and couldn't work anymore and Adele Sanborn, former owner of Caadvark in Concord, NH burst into our little Wingdoodle world.  She has done nothing but push me to do more and has been teaching me about mixed media art.

I have found a new passion here on earth other then my children, stamping, neurotic springer spaniel and husband.  I love putting on canvas everything I have been learning, I find it's also a great way to express how I am feeling at that moment in time. At first I only did tags because I didn't want to screw up the canvases but I  am getting more and more adventurous. 

The above canvas is one I just finished.  I spent most of my life by the ocean or close to it and this reflects that love of the ocean..  Hopefully in the near future I will be back there close to the sounds of the ocean.

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